I packed a box today! And I did some other travel related chores! And the dishes! That means I’ve been a very good girl, and that means I can blog. 🙂

Yeah, it’s been hard. I hate looking at my site and seeing only one tiny post per day. I know I’m addicted but it’s difficult to stop. I took that Blogaholic Quiz and I got 68 out of 100. That’s a lot. Some of them were pretty embarrassing admissions too. Like the question about starting flame wars? Been there, done that. And the one about dreaming about blogging? Try dreaming about bloggers. I swear to God I dreamt last night that I was at a party at Max‘s house. Isn’t that weird? I think my subconscious was dwelling on today’s Survivor picks and anticipating my ultimate victory celebration. Yeah, I have issues. Anyhoo, it’s nice to have some guilt-free blog time before me.


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  1. er…how is it that i’m mixed up with both of those somehow? i guess we weasels are never one to back down from a good eFight. 😉

  2. You egg me on! It’s all you! Really, I’m the nice one. 🙂

  3. no argument here! 😉

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