Thursday, July 25, 2002

Our fridgeNow that I've got my CompactFlash card reader working, getting pictures off my digital camera is a million times easier. That makes me want to take a million more pictures. Tonight I was somehow compelled to snap the front of our refrigerator. I think you can tell a lot about a person by their fridge. (The coolest one I ever saw was my friend Kel's, which was completely papered in beer bottle labels.) Going clockwise from the upper-left, on ours is: a calendar/menu from Trisha's, a local Indian restaurant; a "Smile!" sticker from the Newtown Hari Krishnas, over which I have added a note reading "TAKE BUGS SNOOKUMS!" to remind him to take his probiotics; a Notre Dame postcard my Grandma sent me; a Kenner Star Wars Ewok Village postcard Max sent me; a postcard from the Bad Ass Café in Dublin, Ireland; the aerobics timetable for my gym (it's there for the guilt factor, more than anything); a Star Wars: Attack of the Clones postcard; a Guinness magnet; a Big Ben magnet (a going away present from our London housemates); a postcard of an orangutan mother and baby that I got at London's Natural History Museum; and a "SODOMITE" postcard that I picked up free at my gym (it's a parody of the "Vegemite" label). Now wasn't that interesting? What's on your fridge?

(Yeah, I'm just blathering and navel-gazing. But it's ten hours before my interview and I'm a little nervous.)

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Do you want us to post pictures of our fridge on our site, or to leave a discription here?

Jeez... I'd almost be embarrassed to post a picture of our fridge... It's an old almond-colored appliance that makes a lot of noise, and is covered in all sorts of crap, like old phone number lists, expired pizza coupons, a motocross calendar (better than the Stacked & Packed G. Gordon Liddy calendar we used to have), lots of useless business card magnets, magnets from cereal boxes, stickers from cereal boxes, etc. But I'll see what I can do about posting a picture of it. ;)
» Moire [www] » 2002-07-25 03:07:44
Post a picture and then leave a link so we can all check it out! I'm glad that my anxiety has spawned a pseudo-meme.
» Kris [www] » 2002-07-25 08:28:01
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