The interview went really well! Thanks for all the supportive messages, and apologies for my random stress postings. As Hello Kitty points out, I “easily feel stressful”. Luckily she has advice too: “Only with a little bit of additional work plus controlling your temper, you would then lose energy. Not only you would accumulate your stress, you are weak to release it. For this type exercise and Karaoke will be the best way.” Huh. I don’t know about karaoke, but I am going to the Sydney Slashdot Meetup tonight. What better way to unwind than sharing some much needed alcohol with several fellow nerds? 🙂

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  1. Yeah! I’m glad it went well. I hope things work out!

  2. Woo! Meetup! Let us know how it went. And good luck with the results of your interview!

  3. Woo! Meetup! Let us know how it went. And good luck with the results of your interview!

  4. Godammit!! What the hell am I doing wrong?? I hang my head in shame. I am a loser.

  5. Are you using IE on a Mac, by any chance? There’s a bug where if you refresh the page, it resubmits any form information without telling you. That might be it.

  6. Ohhh… Okay, I know why it’s happening, then: I’m hitting the “Back” button on IE to get back to your main page, and it’s resubmitting. Dammit. At least one mystery of my suckiness has been solved! ;P

  7. Hey, have you ever tried OmniWeb? Seriously, it’s my favorite browser for OS X. I only fire up IE when I absolutely have to. Not only is it really fast and gorgeous (it anti-aliases everything), but it’s got lots of little options that IE doesn’t have, like disabling pop-ups and banner ads, and spoofing your useragent string. And it’s free! Plus it doesn’t have this annoying bug. 🙂

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