Saturday, June 11, 2005

Face Analyzer - You upload a picture and this site purports to analyze your race, gender, and aspects of your personality. It's pretty crap though. The first one I uploaded was my short hair and it came back with "No archetype found." I'm a mutt! Then I tried this one with long blonde hair and glasses. It pegged me as a 100% Chinese male. Whatever. And no matter what I uploaded of the Snook, it always came back as predominantly Middle-Eastern. I even tried one with no facial hair - thinking that was the issue - and it pegged him as a Middle-Eastern/Eastern-European female! He must be too pretty.

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What the! I also get either "Middle Eastern" or "South East Asian/Japanese/Korean", despite my ghostly-white fair skin. Oh well, at least it knows I'm female!
» Claire » 2005-06-13 02:08:50
It pegged me right for everything: female, high ambition, "very UNpromiscuious", low sociability, middle ranged income... the only thing that they got totally wrong were Honesty and Politeness. It said that I was "average" in both of those, which I find totally off-base. Those have always been my best virtues, so I was a little peeved that it said I was "average". But, I suppose, it totally makes up for it that it guessed my racial background perfectly.

What kind of surprises me is that I uploaded 3 pics - 2 closeups of my face, and one from midtorso and up of me wearing a bikini. The two closeups got almost exactly the same marks, while with the bikini pic, my income, sociability and my PROMISCUITY went up. So I went from "very UNpromiscious" to "low promiscuity".

Other than calling me a whore for wearing a bikini, everything else was still dead on. This is kinda creepy....
» Mia » 2005-06-13 06:04:15
oh yeah - and my INTELLIGENCE went down because I was wearing a bikini top. isn't that line of thinking somewhat archaic?
» Mia » 2005-06-13 06:11:06
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