Long Weekend…

What a long and unblogged weekend!

Friday I had my first experience with dentistry outside the U.S. I know, I know… I’ve been living overseas for, what, over five years now? But we’ve got private health insurance now and I felt like it was finally time to do something about the way my wisdom teeth keep flaring up in this INTENSELY PAINFUL WAY every few months. Sure enough, it looks like they’re going to have to come out. (The bottom ones, anyway.) I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’ve never had an operation. Everyone who’s ever had them out has differing tips and horror stories too. At any rate, the HCF Dental Centre in Chatswood was really cool in a futuristic kinda way. I’m used to tiny little rural dental practices. This was like dentistry as practiced with economies of scale. I was directed back into a massive warren of cubicles, each manned with a little Asian dentist and assistant. I drew Dr. Tang, who had an extremely Ocker accent and threatened to beat me over the head with a book if I don’t start flossing. I liked him.

After the dentist I had lunch with Rodd’s sister Jeannie and his nephew Kurt. (Hey, I guess he’s my nephew now too! Odd that I never really thought of that before. I’m an Aunt!) We had a lovely visit. Afterwards I had a long walk from Milson’s Point over the Harbour Bridge into the city. What a gorgeous day. I was just walking along, listening to the iPod and having this total Tara D Moment where I just felt so in tune with the universe and in love with the city and so grateful about the state of my life. Oh, and obsessively poking my tongue into the seemingly gigantic holes between my newly-cleaned teeth.

I’m rambling on and on. I’ll never get to Monday at this rate! I should go faster. On my way home I saw a car on fire in the middle of George Street. I called the Snook and took pictures with my phone but it never blew up or anything, so eventually I headed back to Chippendale. That night we took Amy and Rob over to Una’s for some much-needed bratwurst and beer action. We finished the night watching Samson & Sharkey at the Nag’s, where Sharkey was so kind as to dedicate an Elvis song to the Snook and me. Saturday, of course, we pulled up pretty short after all that beer. I just made it to the Knitting Guild meeting that morning. We spent the rest of the day eating zucchini bread and lazing about. I also managed to finish the Snook’s Slytherin scarf – in record time! – in preparation for our trip to Hogsmeade. Sunday it was back to work for me, but luckily today was a public holiday so my week is all nicely broken up. (The colonials are all supposed to be celebrating Lizzie’s birthday.) I spent the day knitting a new sweater for the Snook while he brewed a beer in honour of the sovereign. As it’s a brown ale, I believe he’s calling it “Her Majesty Mrs. Brown.” Heh.


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  1. Hogsmeade? Have i missed something? Is Sydney having some exciting pre-Harry release event?

  2. Wisdom teeth—all four of mine were impacted, so they were extracted under general anesthesia when I was 16. The only not so fun part was when the sutures opened up and I got food trapped in the gaping hole. Kinda gross, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a Water Pik. Otherwise, pretty much a non-event.

  3. I had all four of mine out about two years ago, after a summer of working for the local oral surgeons. I was used to the procedure and place, so it wasn’t difficult at all. I’d actually describe it as a “fun” experience, what with the sedation and all.

    I know it’s easier said that done, but the key is relaxing, as much as possible.

  4. I had my (also all impacted) wisdom teeth removed New Years Eve day one college break. The removal wasn’t too bad: I had some kind of anesthesia where I was awake and could follow directions, but not feel pain or remember anything afterwards. The food getting stuck in the holes was really annoying, but not painful or anything. And then there’s the oh-so-stylish bruised chipmunk look afterwards. 😉

    My cousin had a horror story that involved codine, nausea, and dry sockets. Definitely let the dentist know of any drug allergies before they go.

  5. Friend of mine (happens to be Australian) still has her wisdom teeth, because her dentist took out the second molars instead and her shiny new third molars just shuffled along the jaw and sort of joined the back of the queue. It would have been an easier extraction than I had, taking a fully erupted tooth rather than an impacted one – might it be worth asking your dentist if it could work for you?

  6. Robert, you must have missed it… 🙂

  7. I have a brain like a sieve. Looks like fun! We’re just planning to bowl over the kids in line and then hole up in a cafe for most of the day reading it!

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