January 30, 2007


Why do zombies like to eat brains? The deadpan seriousness of some of those answers cracks me up. "My guess is that they hunger for what they've lost: consciousness and the soul." "Brains are rich in cholesterol, which is essential for maintaining cell membrane pliability, which is a particular problem at the low body temperatures typical of zombies in non-tropical climates." "They eat them for the tannic acid, to keep their undead hides tough and leathery." Still laughing...


he he he what a thing to discuss- brains - sweet meats are very yummy - have you tried them?
» missfee on January 30, 2007

I've had sweetbreads, which I think are basically glands, but I'm not much big on the offal myself. I just have too active an imagination.
» Kris on January 31, 2007

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