I did it! I totally steeked that bad boy. Check it out:

Sewing the steek   Cutting the steek   Finished armhole steek   Ready for final assembly

Okay, since most of you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, steeking is a Norwegian technique for constructing sweaters. Basically you knit the whole body as a tube with no armholes, then you physically cut the tube to put the sleeves in. Sounds traumatic, right? Exactly. (Incidentally, that article I linked has pictures of this exact sweater I'm knitting. Do any other knitters think that Wendy's floats are too long there? She doesn't look like she's tacked the long ones down at ALL. All of my books say that you should definitely twist if carrying a float of more than five stitches. I'm just annoyed because her wrong side looks a lot neater than mine, and the dark green floats don't show through the white nearly as much.)

Anyway, yeah, so the first picture is me using the sewing machine to secure the steeks, which I'd outlined in bright yellow yarn so my lines would stay straight. I went around twice as the pattern suggests... and then chickened out and went around a third time. Then I was satisfied that those ends wouldn't be going anywhere. Next is me preparing to make the first cut. TRAUMA! I had to go have a beer afterwards. Third is the cut and completed arm hole. And in the last shot, I've sewn the shoulder seams and now I'm ready to insert the sleeves and finish up the collar. Shouldn't take me too much longer, which is a good thing... because the baby it's intended for (Ruth Lauren Cunningham, daughter of my dear college friend Nat) was born last week!

I sound dead sexxxay!

I sound dead sexxxay!
I just had a customer tell me: "You have the most amazing accent. Where's it from?" I nearly fell over laughing. I said, "Actually that sultry, husky quality you hear is just because I'm sick and coughing my brains out. On a normal day, I have that same reedy, nasal, American voice you guys love to make fun of." I must sound like a pack-a-day lounge singer or something.
May 29, 2005

Not that I'm watching or anything...

Not that I'm watching or - *cough* - voting or anything... but how awesome was it that SuperTart Gianna got evicted on Big Brother tonight? I loved that they edited together all her INSANE bragging into one hilarious montage. She's so Mrs. Elton, all "Well, I don't talk about myself because I'm not conceited, but my friends would tell you that I'm a black belt in taikwando and I'm a supermodel and I designed an airport one time." The Snook thinks she's a pathological liar. I just think she's a pathetically insecure moral hypocrite who sees nothing wrong with smugly judging others for drinking while flouncing about the house in a nurse's outfit - and by the way, who brings a NURSE'S OUTFIT in the BB house? - pole dancing and all, "Oops! I forgot to wear panties tonight!" I mean, REALLY.

A quiet day

A pretty quiet day - literally - for me today after two weeks of craziness. I went to the Knitters Guild executive committee meeting this morning to be officially confirmed as A) a member and B) their new website maintainer ("convenor," whatever that means). They were all lovely, but I can't imagine what they thought of me flouncing in with my flaming red hair, hacking cough, and a voice like a frog croak. (The stress and my cold have brought on a recurrence of the laryngitis I had last year.) Then I came home, put on my sweatpants, and spent the whole day lounging, napping, and knitting. It was bliss.

Oh, and we're up to 11 sales on the website... for a total of $1200. With only, like, 20% of the site complete! Professional validation!
May 27, 2005

The site is live!

The Tapestry Craft website is now live! It launched about an hour late (which is pretty much par for the course for any deadline around here). The first order was placed by the Snook, who was just testing for me. We're still waiting for the first official sale. Please let me know if you find any bugs or anything. I'm still adding products but thank God the pressure is finally over.

Update: We've had five sales, and we're averaging nearly a hundred dollars a sale! I'm ecstatic. All the hard work is paying off. The best part was when the Snook told me how great he thought it was. I thought he was just being nice at first, but he insisted that he really thinks it's a great website. I can't tell you how awesome it is to have your work appreciated by the person whose opinion you value the most.
May 26, 2005

J Peterman

Did you know that J. Peterman was an actual clothing company? I thought it was just a joke on Seinfeld. Apparently so did most other people, which is why they went bankrupt in 1999. (I love the fact that Peterman bought the name back in 2001 with the help of John O'Hurley... who played him on Seinfeld.)

Red Rover

Red Rover, Red Rover...
Do you want to hear something that will BLOW YOUR MIND? Last Saturday we were over at Major and Steph's for dinner and somehow during the conversation someone mentioned the game "Red Rover." I was like, "What? Wait, you guys played that too?" They were all like, "Yeah, of course!" and then started reminiscing about playing it. Their descriptions all sounded kinda weird though. Finally I got somebody to give me the Australian rules, and I'm tellin' ya, it's like I walked smack into the Bizarro World. Their version is almost completely opposite to ours! One person stands in the middle of a field with everybody else in a big line facing them. (Like at the end of the American version, when there's only one person left.) Then, get this: The lone person yells out "Red Rover, Red Rover, COME OVER!" And all the other kids run past to the other side, and anybody that the person in the middle manages to tag get stuck in the middle with him. This gets repeated until only one person is left running back and forth. ISN'T THAT INSANE? There's no clothes-lining, no deliberately picking the same weak kids every time, no silly girls who pull their hands back at the last second. I couldn't believe it. Same name, totally different rules.

Oh, and remember that horribly non-PC game called "Smear the Queer" where you basically tried to bash whoever had the ball? They played that one here too. It's called "Kill the Dill with the Pill."
May 25, 2005

My iMac is a lemon.

I am so frustrated with Apple Australia right now. My iMac is still out of commission, waiting for a replacement logic board. (Which is the same part that was replaced back in January.) It's now been FIVE WEEKS that I haven't been able to use my computer, and according to my technician, it could be another two before they get the part. I'm on hold with AppleCare right now, and for once I'm going to demand that something be done. This is RIDICULOUS. I did the math today: I've owned the machine for a total of 32 weeks, eight of which it's been unusable. EIGHT! That's twenty-five percent! And it's even worse if you take off the few weeks I was on holiday (and thus didn't use the machine). Here I am, working my ass off on a crappy laptop to try to finish a website in 48 hours when there's a frickin' G5 sitting DEAD in the next room. NOT HAPPY, JAN.

Update: Well, they offered to replace the machine. That's good. They can't get me a new one for three weeks. That's bad. How stupid is that? Plenty of stores have stock, but they can't just give me one of those. It's ridiculous. I'm sure if I was in the U.S. I could've just taken this thing to an Apple store and walked out with a new one an hour later. Instead I'm just supposed to accept shoddy service here as a given. So I just sent off a righteously peeved e-mail to my AppleCare representative, Apple Australian customer relations, the third-party service technician, everybody I could think of. I even invoked the Office of Fair Trading (who state that any manufacturer offering an express warranty must have a "reasonably" supply of parts on hand). I explained how I've personally had a hand in convincing several people to Switch: (Max, John, Hoey, Sharon) but that right now, I wouldn't be able to bring myself to recommend a Mac to anyone in good conscience. "I feel like Apple have LET ME DOWN." Let's see if that does any good...

Dark side of the moon

Dark side of the moon.
I was just chomping away at my breakfast cereal and happily reading AskMeFi when I came across this question about the consequences of the moon's destruction. It was all very interesting speculation and I was about to ask the Snook for his opinion... when I got to the bit about how it would mess up all the human female's menstrual cycles. HUH? I nearly blew muesli all over the keyboard. That has to be a joke, right? But no, a couple of posters honestly argued that the length of a woman's cycle is not coincidental, but is somehow tied to the phases of the moon. The fact that other large mammals have widely differing lengths of estrus doesn't seem to sway them. My favorite bit of the argument is the cynical chick who refers to "magical moon fairies". Even Uncle Cecil agrees.

Try not to stare directly at my spook eye.

Try not to stare directly at my spook eye.
Good grief. On top of all the rest of my stress, I noticed earlier this week that the vision out of my right eye was significantly blurrier than out of my left. How long has this been the case? I have no idea. My allergies always make my eyes a little screwy so it's hard to tell. It's only with my contacts; my glasses are fine. It's been about a year since my last prescription, so I stopped in at my optometrist tonight for a checkup. We did the whole "Better here...? Better here?" routine, and then the usual laser beam/puff of air in the eye thing. Finally he started writing down my new prescription. I freaked out as soon as I saw it: -7.5 and -9.0. Holy crap! My old prescription was -6.0 and -8.0! He didn't seem too perturbed but I just lost it. "What's the matter with me? Am I GETTING OLD? Am I GOING BLIND?" I asked in desperation. He laughed and then explained that that's my glasses prescription, which is always stronger than your contacts prescription. The upshot was that my right contact is going up to a -6.5. Whew! Then he told me about some other patient of his named Lewis who's up to a -18.0 in each eye. So now I feel a little better, knowing that I'm still better off than that guy.
May 23, 2005


If you've been wondering if CouchCam has been stuck for the past 72 hours, it hasn't. I've literally been sitting on the couch for twelve hours a day trying desperately to finish this damn website before Friday. It isn't going to happen. My ass is numb and my diet is shot. And I think I'm getting a cold. STRESS.
May 21, 2005

Julie Cooper Hair

moblogged imageThe Return of the Bangs
I went to get my color redone last night so I had my hairdresser give me a bit of a trim too. Halfway through the cut I was like, "You know, I was kinda thinking about bringing back the fringe...." And she was like, "Really?! Because I think you'd look HOT with fringe." So I nodded, held my breath, and we did it. And the whole way home I felt like a total rock star. Something was niggling in the back of my mind though. Everytime I caught a glance of my reflection, I thought I looked like someone. It wasn't until we were eating pancakes this morning and watching a TiVoed episode of The O.C. that it hit me: I have Julie Cooper hair!

Kitten War

Kitten War. Oh my God, that's the CUTEST THING EVER. It's "Am I Hot or Not" for kittens! We have, of course, uploaded the cutest picture we have of Dr. Amy Jones, so now we're just waiting for it to be approved before she can start kicking some ass. Vote for her, dammit!

We are not a home to Mr. Cock-Up.

We are not a home to Mr. Cock-Up.
Actually, yes we are. While checking the final proof of a mailout that's being sent to thousands of customers, I managed to spot that the word "off" had been mispelled. I smugly congratulated myself for saving us heaps of embarrassment. However, I failed to note that both our 800 number and the website address were incorrect as well. The whole run's been printed and it's too late to change. Like I said, it's a cock-up.

WW Shoes

Does anyone else think that they would totally buy these shoes if they were available for adults? I'm envisioning Apple and Weight Watchers joining forces to create a stylish Eurosneaker with a Firewire plug in the heel. At the end of the day you'd plug in and the shoe would not only calculate how many Weight Watchers points you'd earned, but how many hours of TV/Internet/knitting time you were eligible for. It's genius.

Yeah, it was all right.

It's four in the morning and we just got back from the showing. Yeah, that was pretty much all right. A good and fitting end to the series, and to our whole (collective) Star Wars moviegoing experience. Moments that stood out for me: The whole theater going silent after the title crawl as the two fighters gracefully swooped over the big ship... and straight into the most frenetic space battle we've seen yet. Obi-Wan's kick-ass ninja pose. Thinking that Ian McDiarmid was acting the pants off everyone else in the movie... until he started gnawing on the scenery. Wondering just what was up with Natalie Portman's face in that film. (No, seriously. What was with that? Did she put on weight to play pregnant or something? Because she looked totally different from the way she usually does, and not in a good way. She had some Keira Knightley Duck Face going on there.) Laughing at the costume designer that actually envisioned a women sleeping in a nightgown with swags of pearls across the upper arms. Feeling tearful and desperate as the clone troopers carried out Order 66 and the Jedi were gunned down. Hayden Christensen without his shirt on. (What can I say? He's grown on me.) The utter ridiculousness of nearly every love scene. The audience cheering when Yoda slammed the guards into the wall. Thinking that the final showdown between Anakin and Obi-wan was good... but not that good. (Obi-Wan versus Darth Maul, short as it was, is still the best lightsaber fight in the series.) Wondering why Liam Neeson didn't get a cameo. And sure, 3PO gets his memory wiped, but how the hell does R2 lose all his cool gadgetry? In the first series he couldn't even negotiate stairs, but now he fools Super Battle Droids with the old "Slick Shoes" routine and even engages in physical comedy.

I could go on and on. But hey, it's late and I'm tired, and any of you that really give a crap about it are probably going to see it yourself in the next twelve hours or so... so have a good time! It really truly doesn't suck. There are still a few clunkers but overall the film is packed with action and it didn't disappoint. 'Night!
May 18, 2005

Episodes 7, 8, and 9?

Ebert gives Revenge of the Sith three-and-a-half stars... and predicts that Episodes 7, 8, and 9 will eventually be made. Whoa!

Meanwhile, only two hours left to go. The Snook's taking a power nap, but I think I'm gonna just wing it. Now all I have to do is withstand the temptation to have a choc top...
May 16, 2005


DietBlog: Week six has come and gone, and my official weight loss stands at 7.2 kilograms. That's nearly sixteen pounds! Of course, if you graphed my actual loss per week you'd notice a severe downward trend thus far in May. I'm only averaging 600g a week now. I know it's ridiculous to feel bad about it; I'm still heading in the right direction, and that's still slightly above what you should be aiming for each weigh-in. I just got so excited by the big drops in the first few weeks that I half-expected them to continue. I did make one possible-related discovery tonight though: I've dropped into a lower Points bracket! (WW assigns the number of Points you get to eat per day based on your weight. Smaller people eat less.) I didn't even realize it, but for the last two weeks I've been allowing myself an extra Point a day. Maybe that accounts for the slowdown...

In exercise news, on Saturday the Snook and I turned from bushwalking to exploring our own fair city: We did the Bondi to Coogee Walk. We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed some fantastic ocean views. The whole thing took us about two-and-a-half hours. Here are a couple pictures. First is a surfie on Bondi. It was pretty chilly and gray that day, but the wind was making some big waves and there were plenty of guys out. Next is a self-portrait of me and the Snook with Bondi behind us. The third is an amazing view looking south from Mackenzies Point to Tamarama and Bronte. And lastly is the Snook, with me reflected in his sunnies. (Don't worry Ma; he shaved today. That's just his weekend scruff.)

Bondi surfie    Me and Snookums    Spectacular view    Snookums's sunnies

And lastly... I had a bit of an adventure tonight. I went to Dance Central to try out a belly dancing class. I know! Can you believe it? I nearly chickened out but the thought of another measly 600g loss spurred me on. It was surprisingly fun! I actually really enjoyed myself. I can't shake my hips for shit, but I'm definitely the queen of the belly and chest jiggling. I figure what you lack in rhythm, you should make up for in enthusiasm, right? I was like the lead in my own little Bollywood movie. The instructor even told me I did a good job afterwards! I'm so going back next week.

George gets political.

George gets political. I knew that the parallels were going to be in the movie, but I didn't expect him to actually discuss them with the media. I guess I sorta had the feeling that ol' George had become a bit conservative in his old age, what with the billions of dollars, the racist stereotype characters, and the complete lack of sex in his movies. Now that I think about it though, he's quite the original California hippie radical, isn't he? I especially liked the bit where he talks about the U.S. funding Hussein and the parallels to the war in Vietnam. Go George!
May 15, 2005

Colourways Wrap II

Colourways Wrap IIColourways Wrap II
Man, I feel like it's been ages since I had a Finished Object to report! This is a sample I designed and knit for the shop. We had an original "Colourways Wrap" from a few years ago, but this one uses slightly different yarns (and an extra ball) so the pattern needed to be rewritten. They're all Anny Blatt yarns, which means this is one of the most expensive items I've ever knitted. All seven yarns are carried the full length of the wrap, which means I had to resort to putting the balls in sandwich bags to avoid creating the World's Biggest Knot. But at last, it's done! We've got the range of yarns in several different colors and we plan on selling them as a kit. So anyway, yeah, from tomorrow my first official pattern will go on sale in the shop! Pretty neat, huh?
May 13, 2005

Kristine Ronssdottir

Kristine Ronssdottir
All day I've been following this Ask MetaFilter thread about whether most women change or keep their names upon getting married. My own contribution is in there, but just in case any of you didn't get the memo, I kept my name. We toyed with the idea of combining our names into some SuperSurname, but "Snook" and "Howard" don't really form anything cool. Besides, I can't imagine changing something so fundamental about my identity. It's not a genealogy thing so much; there's lots of Howard boys to carry on the line. It's just that I've been Kristy Howard for so long that it would be too weird to be anything else. I'm willing to concede that my feelings might be different if my surname were difficult to pronounce or spell, but Howard is just about perfect: everybody recognizes it yet it isn't as boring or ubiquitous as Smith or Jones. (Apologies to any offended Joneses.) Anyway, I was intrigued by this comment from the thread:
Data point: in Korea all women keep their family surnames. This seems paradoxical, given the low status of women in Korean society, but it's all about bloodlines here. Paternal ones.
How about that? I was following ancient Korean tradition without even realizing it!
May 10, 2005

Stitch and Bitch Scandal!

Stitch and Bitch Scandal! According to this MetaFilter post, the Chicago SnB (love that Purl logo!) was served with legal papers from Sew Fast/Sew Easy claiming that they have a registered trademark over the phrase "Stitch and Bitch." What? The SnBers are predictably up in arms. There's no way they could defend such a general phrase as a trademark. What idiots. As the convenor, I feel compelled to go on the record and state that the Tapestry Craft Stitch and Bitch firmly supports Chicago SnB, and that Sew Fast/Sew Easy are a bunch of uptight, no-fun cows who probably scrapbook in their spare time. Bitches!

The Urge to Purge

DietBlog: Despite the noises coming from my house last night, no, I have not moved into the "Phase 2 - Bulimia Yay!" segment of the Weight Watchers plan. Instead I was merely suffering through one of the nastiest cases of food poisoning I've ever encountered. It had been a good evening up to that point: I attended my meeting and registered a 600g weight loss (more on that in a minute); I went to the shops and rented a Pilates video; and I cooked us a yummy dinner of chicken burgers, wedges, and broccoli. I distinctly remember sitting here knitting and watching Iron Chef when my stomach gave a sudden lurch. It steadily got worse and worse and the nausea sent out waves of tension that moved up my neck to settle in the back of my skull. "I'm going to bed," I said optimistically. Within half an hour I was throwing up my entire breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I spent the rest of the night alternately in the bathroom and moaning on the couch, periodically dry-heaving into a bucket. I didn't sleep a wink until five a.m., when it finally subsided. I was half-tempted to weigh myself this morning to see what effect it actually had, but I figured there are some things I'm better off not knowing. If I'm going to go the "get sick, lose weight!" route, I'd much rather suffer through a nice low-grade case of mono than have another night like the last.

Oh, so now that the grossness is out of the way, yeah, I lost .6 of a kilogram. Though that's my smallest loss to date, I was actually a little relieved given that I'd been rather indulgent over the weekend (the beers at Redoak, nibblies and banana cake at the felting workshop, etc). It's good to know that I can have the occasional blowout and still stick to the program. (Hello, Chili's!) I also got another gold star, mostly because I'm the only person who ever talks. Emily loves me.
May 7, 2005

The Bay City Weasleys

Kevin's got links to several high-res images from the upcoming Goblet of Fire movie. It looks great! I didn't picture the maze as being that freakin' enormous though. Fleur and Viktor look good, and Cedric (who I always sorta pictured like my brother Antny) is fine, I guess. I'm also gonna go on the record and say that I'm loving the Weasley family mullets. Hurray for the Bay City Weasleys!

One friggin' AM.

In an orgy of nerdery and self-flagellation, the Snook and I purchased our Revenge of the Sith tickets today... for the 1am show. ONE IN THE MORNING. (The midnight were sold out.) I honestly don't know why I did it. I guess it's because I saw the previous two at the midnight showings, and I felt the need to see this thing through. It's like, we'll go to the damn movie and we'll line Lucas's pockets once more, but that's it, there won't be any more, hallelujah, and we can finally close that whole friggin' chapter of our lives and pretend that the prequels never existed.

Unless, of course, it doesn't suck.

Amazing London

Awww, man, how great was that last episode of The Amazing Race? It was like the Kris and Rodd Tribute episode. Baker Street? That's where my first flat was. (Sorry to disappoint the Sherlockians, but 221b doesn't actually exist.) London Eye? Been there, done that. Hammersmith? That's where we lived and worked for two years. (Although, that "Three Naked Men" statue must've been a recent addition, because that sure as heck wasn't there before.) We cracked up every time they got directed to race across town yet again. Do you know how much it costs to take a black cab from Baker Street to Greenwich? I'm surprised that Ron and Kelly were able to beg enough to cover it. And as soon as they showed Phil on the mat, we both yelled out: "EROTIC GHERKIN!"

In terms of the big finale, I still like Rob and Amber but I admit it would be better for Joyce and Uchenna to win. She shaved her head! She deserves it. Ron and Kelly will hopefully implode, come in third, and break up before they kill each other.

Australian iTMS?

DAMN IT. Apparently the long-awaited Australian iTunes Music Store was going to launch last Thursday... but one music company ruined everything. We're guessing it was Sony. Bastards! I can't wait til this is up and running. I still haven't used all the gift certificate my Mom got me for the US store. I wonder what it'll do if my account has both US dollars and Aussie dollars in it?
May 6, 2005


Since the Tapestry Craft Stitch and Bitch will be going on hiatus in a few weeks - (*cough* Winter Sale! *cough*), the girls and I have been looking for an alternative location in the neighborhood. Last night I took Amy and Miss Jane over to Red Oak to see if it was suitable. It was! We started off with some of the Framboise Froment which got everyone in a festive mood. Then DING DING DING! Unbeknownst to us, the Master Brewer was down at the Australian International Beer Awards and Red Oak had just won a medal for their Special Strong Ale. The staff brought 'round a taster for everyone in the bar! We cheered. Another full-size beer later, and another victory for the Oatmeal Stout! (That was my favorite, I think.) And lastly, just before we left, they won another one for their "Rauchbier," this crazy ale that uses smoked barley (and really, truly tastes like it's brewed with ham). So we ended up having quite a fun evening!
May 4, 2005


While watching Survivor last night...
Snookums: Well, of course Gregg (pronounced GREG-GUH) and Jenn (pronounced JEN-NUH) were going to get together...
A minute passes while he thinks about it.
Snookums: Actually, maybe I shouldn't be making fun of people with superfluous double letters on the ends of their names.
Me: Ya think, ROD-DUH?
May 2, 2005


DietBlog: The all-important weigh-in was tonight... and my stomach was in knots all day. I was so stressed. I felt like it was the day before a final exam. By 5:00 I totally felt like barfing. I just had a horrible little voice in my head saying that it was all a mistake, that the scales had been wrong, that it was all a fluke, that somehow I'd manage to put on weight... It was awful. Eventually it was 5:30 and I headed over to the Dymocks Building. I spotted our group leader Emily and waved nervously. "I think it could be a good night," I said, pointing at the "Total Loss: 4.9 kilos" in my booklet. "I'm hoping to reach my first goal." I stepped on to the scales and tried to lean forward to see the digital readout, but I had to settle for watching the attendant scrawl it in my book: "6.0 kilos." SIX KILOGRAMS. That's thirteen pounds! The stomach butterflies disappeared. I felt JUBILANT. I rushed to tell Emily and collect my "5 Kilo Achievement Bookmark," which I promptly MMSed to the Snook. I felt like hugging everybody in the room. I got congratulated by several of the other members. And when I got home, the Snook gave me the biggest, proudest hug EVER.

And yay! I get to go buy my reward tomorrow... Pictures to follow.

Weather Widget

Random Tiger Tip for Australians: I was playing around with the nifty weather forecast widget (on the Dashboard) when I noticed that we were going to be having a very, very warm week. Curious, I clicked on the widget to be shown the extended forecast in Safari... only to discover it was for Sydney, Florida. It seems the widget defaults to US cities. Happily, Australian locations do seem to work; I just had to enter "Sydney, New South Wales" instead. Just so you know.

You my Midga.

You my Midga.
Roger Ebert has published a fascinating bit of correspondence between himself and Daniel Woodburn (a Little Person most known to me for his role on Seinfeld). Woodburn takes Ebert to task for using the word "midget," and Ebert uses it as an excuse to educate himself and us on the history of the word. Did you know that historically "dwarfs" and "midgets" were entirely separate classifications of Little People? I sure didn't. I admit, though, that I don't perceive a lot of negative connotation in "midget," but I'm willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

Sydney news

There's a hole in the Internet.
Where can one find truly local news online? Yesterday when I left work, there was a big commotion up at Home Yardage. Albert and I stood in the street trying to see what was happening. "I think somebody's under a bus," a guy said. Whoa. Somebody got hit by a bus? Our stretch of York Street is pretty bad for pedestrians, what with the cars (and often delivery vans) parked along both sides and only one cross-walk in the middle of the block. As we drove to our squash lesson we were passed by numerous police cars and an ambulance. Here's the thing though: I can't find one single word about the accident online. Not a thing. I want to know what happened! The ABC doesn't seem to have local Sydney news, only regional stuff for the country. The Sydney Morning Herald doesn't have it; neither does News. The Transport Infoline sure as hell doesn't have anything about it. So where can you hear truly local news in the city? Isn't there even a police blotter? Or is this just something you can't get in metropolitan areas?