Lord Vader read my mind.

Lord Vader just read my mind! He insulted me, asked me seventeen questions, had a pow-wow with the Burger King, and then correctly ascertained that I was thinking of a sock. You don’t know the power of the Dark Side! (Link courtesy of Kevin.)


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  1. I got to 25 questions, then gave up. Stupid Vader kept guessing that I was thinking of a pair of pants when I was thinking of a chair.

    (Strangely, he also guessed that I was thinking of a meadow!?)

  2. I thought he had me a few questions earlier when he asked if it came in pairs and I said “yes.” Then he asked me a couple weird questions about fastening things that presumably meant he was guessing shoelaces. Silly Lord Vader.

  3. Guessed a turnip in 20. Damn you Vader!!

  4. Hippo in 20! I’m checking the room for cameras.

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