A quiet day

A pretty quiet day – literally – for me today after two weeks of craziness. I went to the Knitters Guild executive committee meeting this morning to be officially confirmed as A) a member and B) their new website maintainer (“convenor,” whatever that means). They were all lovely, but I can’t imagine what they thought of me flouncing in with my flaming red hair, hacking cough, and a voice like a frog croak. (The stress and my cold have brought on a recurrence of the laryngitis I had last year.) Then I came home, put on my sweatpants, and spent the whole day lounging, napping, and knitting. It was bliss.

Oh, and we’re up to 11 sales on the website… for a total of $1200. With only, like, 20% of the site complete! Professional validation!

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  1. Congratulations on your official “website maintainer” position (I still prefer webmistress). I wouldn’t worry about the red hair because at the other end of the guild spectrum is the Blue hair and the two-packets-a-day voice.

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