Cigarette pants

Knitting buddies: These were the “cigarette” pants I was talking about at the bar. Would you call them cigarette pants? Do you think they’d be flattering on people who don’t look like Audrey Hepburn?


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  1. I’ve seen cigarette pants (huge in the retro circles) on women who haven’t the Hepburn figure, and they look great. If you want to know if they’ll look good on you? I think you’ve got a pretty fair shot of rockin’ the look.

  2. Others may disagree (and already have), but I’ve always thought that cigarette pants belong only on those that have thighs no thicker than their calves. Yes, freaks.

    That being said, I firmly defend any woman’s right to wear whatever the hell she wants to. Including trackies when buying cask wine.

  3. man, i was eyeing off those pants this morning! yes, i think you can get away with it no problems, and here’s a version (in strawberry, alright!) from lisa ho:
    hers go up to a size 16, so, no reason why not, i reckon!

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