So MJ’s back. My dad will be excited. I was pretty surprised to see that he’s donating his entire salary to the 9-11 relief effort. Just for that, I’ll refrain from making fun of him for a while. At least until he gets schooled by the Knicks. (Make no mistake, I hate the Knicks with a passion. I just hate the deification of athletes more.)


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  1. Are you nuts?! Bird, as much as I love the man, probably couldn’t even run the length of the court anymore. It’s a new game, and Sprewell’s the future. (He’s still a goon though.) All my basketball love is now showered on the guys who still play like old school – Stockton, Duncan, Robinson, etc. Creative passing is the best.

  2. No way the man can do anything, its the ultimate challenge. He’s 38. He’s been away for 3 yrs. Its a bad team. In our nations capitol in one of the most critical periods in our history and Michael is saying, “Bring it on” name any one else who could do it, certainly not that runt Stockton and the admiral is sinking fast and Duncan while he is a great player has all of the personality of a stump. Only Michael could do this and make it work.

  3. You’re gonna be one sad man when he falls on his ass. At least Bird had the sense to leave when the party was over.

    “Personality of a stump.” Hahahahahaha…

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