RunningBlog: Week 38

Week 38
Woo! My first decent distance week in ages. On Sunday I ran the Half-Marathon. I was sore Monday, but not too bad considering the cramping. I actually did a Spudds class Monday night and kicked some butt on the rower. Tuesday I walked to work in the morning. Wednesday I started my new Fitness Class (more on that in a minute) and consequently ran 2.88km before work. That afternoon I walked another couple of km’s across Sydney while lugging a heavy suitcase. Today I did my second Fitness Class before work, and then I walked to my office. Hooray for lots of exercise! It really, really helps my mood.

Sep. 18: 21.6km
Sep. 20: 2.72km (walking)
Sep. 21: 2.88km
Sep. 21: 1.99km (walking)
Sep. 23: 3.54km
Sep: 23: 2.63km (walking)
Total this week: 28.02km (17.5mi)
Total in 2011: 853.29km (533.3mi)

So, the Fitness Class. This is a thing that RunKeeper does. Ailsa and I were talking after the Half-Marathon about our plans, and I said that my goal for the summer was to cut back my distance per week but work on building up some speed. A couple days later, she suggested this Jeff Galloway class which trains you to run a 30:00 5K. There are three runs per week: a tempo run, an interval session, and a long run. The long runs actually build up to 7 miles, which is perfect considering our next race is the 10K Run4Fun in November. The Snook joined me for today’s interval workout, which involved 4 x 400m repeats at faster than goal pace. We managed it, but man, it was tough. I’m looking forward to seeing my progress and hopefully I’ll score a PR at my next event!

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  1. I piked almost completely this week. I was the sorest I’ve ever been after a run this week, and when I did the first day of the fitness class I had bad shin splints and felt yuk. So I thought I’d have one week off and start afresh next week. Although I ran and measured out 400m at my local oval and even one fast 400m was a bit of a struggle. I’m looking forward to the results too really.

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