“Britishisms: Cataloguing how they’re infecting American English.” Ha! I personally am going to claim part of the credit for this. I’ve been a polyglot for over ten years now, and my mix of American, British, and Australian English has definitely gotten me some raised eyebrows. The Snook’s accent and phrasing has definitely been corrupted too. There’s also a fun blog of Britishisms by the same author here. I’m sure I say most of the things on that list on a fairly regular basis! (Both links via MetaFilter.)

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  1. i honestly don’t know what is what anymore – my vocabulary is a hot mess. what makes it worse is when people i see everyday (like our nanny) absorb and use my ‘foreign’ words and then i get a shock all over again when other people give me weird looks (like when i say ‘nappy’ instead of ‘diaper’). and don’t even get me started on pronunciation or spelling.

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