RunningBlog: Week 41

Week 41
Up and down and up again! On Saturday we got up early and headed to Sydney Park. I had heard from a friend on dailymile that some guys are starting up a Parkrun event in Sydney. It’s basically a free, weekly, timed 5K run at a set location. It won’t officially start til next year, but we joined Paul and Aaron on a test run of the course. The guys were must faster than me but they were great about letting me set the pace. I think we’ll definitely be taking part in this one next year!

After the run we walked home (another 4km). I also walked home from Surry Hills that afternoon from my Knitters Guild meeting. We didn’t have a long run this week, just a one-mile time trial. I did that on Monday at lunchtime, but I didn’t feel very well. I ended up staying home Tuesday with some sort of virus. Wednesday I walked to and from work but skipped the Spudds session as I was still woozy. I wasn’t sure if I was up to running on Thursday, but then my new shoes arrived! I had to break them in. They felt SO GREAT. I was such an idiot for not replacing my old ones sooner. I wore them again to walk to work this morning.

Oct. 8: 5km
Oct. 8: 5.69km (walking)
Oct. 10: 2.72km (with 9:48 Magic Mile)
Oct. 12: 5.61km (walking)
Oct. 13: 4.37km
Oct. 14: 2.50km (walking)
Total this week: 12.09km (7.5mi)
Total in 2011: 895.71km (560mi)

To meet my original goal of running 1100km in 2011, I should be at 867km. So I’m still ahead on that one. But my revised goal of running 1200km? I’d need to be at 946km. Yep, still slipping away from me. HOWEVER – last night I mapped out a training schedule for the 2012 Gold Coast Marathon. Training starts December 1st. There’s always another goal!

Sidenote: BEST OF LUCK to my Mom and Step-Dad who are running their first half-marathon this weekend! You guys are gonna be AWESOME.

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  1. Awesome – Gold Coast should be a blast. A race is far more fun when you have more than two spectators at the finish!

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