Slooping a kiwifruitI love kiwis. No, not Antipodeans (although they’re nice), but kiwifruit. I seriously had never eaten one before a few months ago. I have no idea why; I guess I just thought I wouldn’t like them. Snookums got me to try one, and the rest is history. The real question is, then, how do you eat them? I like the slice and scoop (“slooping”) method, but others apparently peel and slice. And then there are the weirdos that eat the skin (which, according to the California KiwiFruit Commission, is perfectly acceptable and nutritious, but as Snookums put it, “tastes like shit”). Head down to my new poll and tell me how you do it.


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  1. chalk me up as one of the weirdos. i love the skin! it’s so fantastically tart. 😉

  2. And apparently gives you loads of fiber. I still don’t think I could bring myself to do it though. It’d be like eating fur.

  3. Trust me, it’s like eating a punk hamster (don’t ask). Slice and scoop is the way to go. This is the MOST NUTRITIOUS FRUIT on the planet btw.

  4. I just got some at Marks and Spencer that were the size of apples. Seriously. JUMBO KIWIS. Probably full of lovely genetically-modified goodness. Taste yummy though.

  5. you can kinda scrape the fuzz off if it bothers you a whole bunch. i can’t even remember the last time i had a kiwi, much less one the size of an apple. i really didn’t take advantage of the produce available when i was in california. 🙁

  6. I want a genetically-modified giant kiwi! Why? Because I am also a weirdo who eats every bit–skin and all. It’s not that bad, actually, and it makes me feel very primal, tearing through the skin and all (I’m into the whole “food experience” thing, in case you can’t tell–I’d call myself a gourmand if I didn’t eat the same old crap all the time). And it really does add to the taste as well as (obviously) the texture. I admit that I don’t eat the “stem” end, though–or whatever that little nubbin at the end is called.

  7. That would be the flippertygibbet

  8. Well, according to the sticker on this sucker (which is soon to be on my forehead, natch), it’s from New Zealand. I figure most of the ones in the States are probably from California, right? So maybe they only grow them giant Down Under.

    Heh. You said “nubbin.”

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