Halloween Party Photos

Halloween Photos 2011Halloween Party Photos 2011
After taking 2010 off, we were back with a vengeance for Halloween 2011! This year was our eighth party, and it was bigger and better than ever. More than forty guests packed into our house to show off their costumes, sample our spooky food, and have some fun. Oh, and we made a Meat Head. It was CREEPY AS.

As always, I’ve got photographs that attempt to document the insanity. (There are recipe links for the curious as well.) Our friends outdid themselves this year, and there were some seriously amazing costumes. Most of the photographs were taken by Jonathan Feldman and myself, with a few from Jamie Griego, David Edgar, and Jane Matlock as well. Thank you to the photographers, and to everybody who came along!

And if you have any photographs of guests that I don’t have, please let me know!

Update: Thanks David for the picture of Issy as Bellatrix!


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  1. It was a great party Kris and Snook 😉 The food was positively creepy beyond belief but it was tasty and you both went to so much effort to entertain. I had a great time 😀 x

  2. YAY! Photos! 😀

    only because Innerwest Derek is bound to ask – any luck with the recipe? (nag nag nag)

  3. WAIT – just found the recipe – thanks 😀

  4. We left out the bacon, obviously. In place of chipotle, we used some smoked barbecue rub, Tobasco, and smoked paprika.

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