Frocktober Wrap-Up

Frocktober Wrap-Up
Frocktober has come to an end for 2011, and I’m happy to report that the initiative has raised over $112,000 so far. As for me, I managed to wear dresses or skirts on 22 days out of the month. I had no idea I had so many non-pants clothing options in my closet! Here’s a recap of some of the different outfits I rocked this month:

Black wrap dress, orange tightsDenim skirt, T-shirt, clogsWool skirt, T-shirt, cardigan, blue tightsLinen skirt, henley, boots
GAP puffy skirt, T-shirt, cardiganGAP khaki skirt, blouse, cardigan, pink tightsJolene dress from HeartbreakerDenim maxi skirt, T-shirt, clogs
Self-made paisley corduroy skirt, T-shirt, cardigan, sneakersSuper Spy dress from Heartbreaker, blue tights, bootsAstro dress from HeartbreakerSelf-made skirt WITH ROBOTS, blouse
Coral dress from Target, sneakersDiner dress from HeartbreakerGAP sundress, thongsSelf-made skirt, henley
Black pencil skirt, Liza Minelli concert T-shirt, cardigan, orange tightsDress from Apple Pie FashionsSelf-made Wonder Woman skirt with rented Halloween costumeVintage pink party dress, fascinator

One interesting side effect of this experiment has been the number of times people have commented about me “losing weight.” I actually haven’t. It’s just that the vintage styles are more fitted than my modern clothes, and they show off my existing shape better. I guess there’s a lesson there, and I should be in 50’s drag all the time!


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  1. I can’t seem to click on any of the thumbnails.

  2. Dean_in_Melbourne

    November 2, 2011 — 1:39 am

    It’s been fun to watch, Kris. You looked great. Wonderful posing. I think my favourite was the the Star Trek crew member.

  3. 7 & 18 look especially sensational!

    What do you use to take/edit these photos? Mainly Instagram? They look cool.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed your frocky month and I’m suffering withdrawals, however I’m loving you r rockstar boots ;D

  5. I mainly take them in and then run them through Instagram. #18 was just straight from the camera, though! All credit to the Snook for taking a good photo. 🙂

  6. I love the 50s look. And really does make the most of your shape. Frocks rock.

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