Are You Smarter Than Miss America? I’m not. I’m only as smart as Miss America. I got 6 out of 8 correct. D’oh! (Take the quiz and then go to the comments page so we can compare what we missed.)


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  1. I couldn’t believe I missed two. I tanked on the “How many Presidents are alive?” and “Who was the first African-American on the Supreme Court?” For the Presidents, I thought “Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton… That’s five.” I FORGOT THE CURRENT PRESIDENT. I’m such an idiot. And who knew Thurgood Marshall was black anyway? I sure didn’t.

  2. Snookums got six, and he isn’t even American. He missed the last one, and the “When in the course of human events” one. Not that I can blame him. I’m such an idiot.

  3. Only 4 right, but then I am a Britisher.

  4. 5, mostly guesswork. But infuriatingly enough, every one of my fist guesses were correct. I just didn’t trust the buggers. Arse.

  5. Wah-HEY! I got 7 right and I’m not even American!! Got the number of alive presidents wrong. Forgot Ford.

  6. Dammit, I got six and I’ve never been taught anything about American History.
    I forgot the current president too…tricky bastard 😉

  7. I rock…8/8! Then again, I did go to the same high school as Miss Indiana (Miss America), Miss Indiana (Miss USA), and Miss Indiana (Miss Teen-USA).

    We breed beauty queens like cattle in Shipshewana. 🙂

  8. Holy cow. I guess so. The only beauty queen I’ve ever met is Nicole Swartzentruber, who was the 1994 Indiana Junior Miss. There’s a sign outside Middlebury dedicated to her that I used to pass every single day on the way to work. Then on my very first day of “Intro to Film” in college, the prof read the roll and announced THAT NAME. I turned around to face the girl and I’m like, “YOU WERE THE 1994 INDIANA JUNIOR MISS!” She was very embarrassed, but forced to admit it was true. I gave her shit about that for three years. 🙂

  9. I got 6 right and I’m Aussie. I forgot the current pres as well and also the Black Judge.

  10. I got 7/8. I completely forgot to count Bush Jr, but I had all the rest.

    The only one I had to guess at was the diabetic giving testimony about stem cell research.

  11. I got 7! I can’t believe it! Who knew I was so patriotic? I got the Declaration answer wrong. And, I swear I didn’t look at comments before I took the quiz. 😉

  12. I got 7/8. Missed the black supreme court one – read the choices too quickly and chose ‘ol CT. Tsk – I know Thurgood Marshall is(was?) black; we have a school named after him here.

  13. Damn. Perhaps the quiz should have been called “Are you smarter than Kristy Howard?” because, like, all of you ARE. 🙁

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