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TiffanyBring on 2012!
I know I’ve been quiet lately. Big things are happening, but I’ve been enjoying the past week’s vacation too much to sit in front of a computer. One thing we’ve been doing is looking at bicycles. We checked out Cheeky Transport in Newtown, and then yesterday we visited Atelier de Vélo and Clarence Street Cyclery. At Clarence Street, we discovered it was the last day of their Christmas sale… and they happened to have a great deal on a Trek 2012 7.4 FX WSD bike. Four hours later, I was riding it home! The Snook came to meet me and we did a slow 8K through the CBD to the Rocks and then home again via Darling Harbour. It’s been a while since I rode a bike, and I’ve never ridden such a fancy one before. It’s going to take some practice!

I suppose I should mention why I got the bike. This is the really big news: I got a new job. A couple weeks ago, a friend and former colleague called me up with an offer to join him at Sitback. I met with the company founders, visited the office, and chatted with some employees. There was no interview as such; they were trying to sell me on the idea of coming there. (Very flattering!) I’ve been in my current role for three years, and I’ve been wondering if it’s time for a change. This was the perfect opportunity. I gave notice at my current role before Christmas, and I finish up on January 20. Then I start at Sitback on the 23rd! I will be their sole Business Analyst, writing specs for all the exciting projects they’re working on. One very cool aspect of the job is that the offices are down in the Rocks not far from the Snook’s office at Walsh Bay. We’re going to be able to commute together! That’s why I was excited to get a bicycle. The ride is fairly short – only about 4.5km – but it’s a lot faster on a bike than on the bus. I’ll miss my weekly workout at Spudds, of course, but I’m hoping to still get over there for the occasional evening class. Luckily some of my new colleagues are sporty and apparently we’ve got gym access there as well. I can’t wait!

Needless to say, I’m very excited for all the new changes coming in 2012!


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  1. Congratulations on the new job and the new bike! She’s very pretty!

  2. Well done, Kirs! Conrats on the new job. It’s really fantastic when people start seeking you out. Takes job satisfaction to a whole new level. Love the bike too. We’re thinking about getting bikes sometime this year.

  3. i definitely think its the right decision, and i really hope it works out. your hipster cred is through the roof right now with that bike (i wont mention the basket).

  4. I tried so hard for a retro style bike with a basket, but I got the impression from the experts that they suck for commuting. They’re really heavy too, and I have to haul it up steps each day. So I went for practicality. *sigh* I only regret it a little bit.

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