Homemade Mexican Feast with FlavourCrusader

Homemade Mexican Feast with FlavourCrusader
Yesterday my friend Sharon came over to cook some food together. She had recently bought a tortilla press and she wanted to try it out. Sounds like a good excuse to me! We made pork tacos complete with homemade tortillas and guacamole. (Well, Sharon did most of it! I mainly took photographs.) Sharon has posted the tortilla recipe along with some photos of the process over at her FlavourCrusader blog. It was a fun and tasty project. Thanks Sharon!

Mexican Feast


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  1. teehee thanks for helping Kris! I made tortillas for lunch today 🙂 so easy!!!

    happy blog birthday!

  2. Mmm… homemade tortillas are my favourite, I made my dad bring a tortilla press in his carry on luggage when he visited me one time so I could have one. Then I found Monterey Mexican Foods which has a pretty good range of supplies.

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