The Dresden Dolls, Enmore Theater, Sydney

The Dresden Dolls, Enmore Theater, Sydney
On Saturday we went to see The Dresden Dolls at the Enmore Theater. We’d seen Amanda play solo last year at the Opera House, but this was our first introduction to the Dolls. I have to say, I think I prefer the solo stuff. I can appreciate the Dolls in terms of art and musical proficiency, but it just isn’t my favourite style of music. (When they say “punk cabaret,” they mean it. LOUD and CACOPHONOUS.) Still, it was an entertaining show. The highlight was during the encore, when a sweaty bra-wearing person flopped into the seat in front of us in the balcony – AMANDA HERSELF. She then proceeded to sing “Mein Herr” while crawling all over the balcony. At one point some crazed fan jumped on her and gave her a hickey until security pulled her off. It was pretty fun. I managed to get the whole thing on video. (It’s cool; AFP confirmed on Twitter she’s got an open camera/video policy.)

Being grumpy, lazy old people, we arrived late to skip all the opening acts. We did catch the Bedroom Philosopher performing his “Northcote, So Hungover” hit but with substituted lyrics from YouTube. He did it the next night in Melbourne as well, and somebody filmed it. I think his delivery was funnier our night, but we sadly didn’t get Amanda wandering the stage as a bored hipster. 🙂

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  1. I just saw her last month ninja Gaiman’s ‘gig’ – she is great with a ukele!

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