New Job – so far

New job!
Not a lot of blogging so far this week, just because my new job at Sitback is taking up all my focus! So far it’s going really well. I expected to spend a couple days finding my feet, but instead on day one I got handed a document and asked if I could make it better. And I realised I could! I’m not a green BA anymore; I actually know what I’m doing. I’m addin’ value, baby! Then yesterday I had a big client meeting to kick off a new project. I think I acquitted myself pretty well. The things that I’m doing and the work in the pipeline are confirming that this move was the right choice for my career. It’s an exciting time…

Oh! And since I’m using my laptop as my work machine right now (since I’m contracting), I realised that I can update my DeskCam more frequently. Here’s today. Of course, the Snook then immediately sent me this. “I don’t look like that!!!” Do I? 🙂


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  1. Good one Rodd. I think Kris looks a lot like the kitty. xxoo

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