Hey John, I’ll bet you a tenner that my company’s Intranet sucks more than yours does. We met, like, none of those criteria.


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  1. Yours sucks, granted. I think I win though. IT CAN’T BE VIEWED IN EXPLORER!
    By design!!

    And they wonder why the company’s going under…

  2. We should come up with more rules for it. Like, for example:

    – Not only does your Intranet use frames, the people who designed it had the endearing habit of using “cool” backgrounds (like little images of post-it notes) over which text has to be aligned just perfectly, so when you inevitably have to scroll, it doesn’t line up anymore.

    Or how about:

    – The only bits you use on a semi-regular basis (phone directory, timesheet application) are only accessible via tiny text links buried among hundreds of other links in the upper left and lower right corners of the window, respectively.

  3. Ooh ooh! Another good one I forgot:

    – In your “Technical Assistance” section, a person who wants to know how to simply set up Outlook on their machine has to sit through a 10 minutes FLASH PRESENTATION to learn how to do it. As opposed to say, simply giving them the relevant settings and assuming that they’re not dumber than monkeys.

  4. Well, the only reason that I can’t confirm that our intranet meets none of those criteria is that as yet we don’t know how the site will be updated. Staff in any one of our twelve Regional Offices who want something changed have to submit written requests for additions or alterations to the IS section at Head Office, making a “business case” for each change. They’ll then make the change for us. Eventually. Apparently we *might* get software to allow a designated individual in each Regional Office to make the changes in six months or so.

    Basically, our intranet is used as an internal telephone directory. Except when we have days like today and Friday, when a virus/worm has caused all internet/intranet/email activity to be turned off.

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