Suprapateller Bursitis

Well, crap. After my workout this morning, I finally saw my regular GP about the knee pain that’s been bothering me for a month now (mostly while climbing stairs). I had seen the weekend GP a fortnight ago. He told me to get an ultrasound if it didn’t go away, but didn’t tell me to do anything special or stop exercising. It turns out he’s an idiot. My regular GP examined me and promptly diagnosed suprapatellar bursitis. I’m going to be taking anti-inflammatories every day and halting all running/cycling/training until it goes away. This sucks. I’ve really been enjoying riding my bike, but evidently I’ve just been making the issue worse the whole time. CRAP.

Good thing I cancelled the marathon training, huh?


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  1. double crap. poor kris. definitely time to take it a bit easy. are you allowed to do long slow walks around victoria park maybe?

  2. He said walking should be okay as long as I avoid steep inclines and stairs. You know, like the ones ALL AROUND MY NEW OFFICE in the damn Rocks. *sigh*

  3. Awwww no 🙁 hope it gets better soon. You can join my no-exercise club and we can wallow…

  4. Have you thought about osteophathic treatment? Both of us feel it keeps our joints much better ‘oiled’. Talk to me on Saturday if you’re interested.

  5. This is literally the first joint issue I’ve ever had, so no, no idea what that is!

  6. They do muscles and joints. Release, mostly, and advice on stretching.

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