The Good Wife

Anybody watch The Good Wife? This New Yorker article makes it sound really good. I thought it was just a soap opera. Wonder if DVDs are available…


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  1. I haven’t seen any The Wire, so I’m not sure how apt the comparison is, but we watch it fairly religiously.

  2. I’ve watched a few episodes here and there and enjoyed them. The series is on my list of “tv shows I might want to watch on DVD at some point in time in the future”.

  3. that must be why we had this exact same conversation on the weekend at our house

  4. I watch it – it is good. Bit soap opera-y but not terribly so. More like The West Wing than Desperate Housewives!

  5. i cant stand julianna. she hasnt changed her facial expression since ER. (hence i dont watch it)

  6. I quite like this series, don’t watch it much on TV but I would like to get hold of the DVDs. Bonus points that it has Knox Overstreet in it, all growed up! (Josh Charles for the non-Dead Poets Society people)

  7. He will ALWAYS be Knox to me. 🙂

  8. i love it. She’s outstanding in it. it’s not as good this season, but the first couple are great.

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