Did I mention I joined a health club? I know, that sounds so ridiculous and posh coming from me, but I’m tired of sitting on my ass (literally) all day long and not feeling well. I’m hoping a little yoga and spinning and stair-climbing will shake me out of my stupor. Why don’t I just run in the park, you ask? Easy, because I loathe running with an all-consuming passion. The only time I could ever bring myself to do it was in tennis practice in high school, when our coach basically forced us to. Of course, that was the fittest I’ve ever been in my life. Could there be a connection? Nahhhh.


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  1. They have a few different kinds: Iyengar Yoga (“designed to free the muscular system and bring back correct skeletal alignment”), Sivananda Yoga (“Involves exercise, specific breathing techniques and relaxation, ideal for today’s stress driven society”), Astanga Yoga (“an energetic and very dynamic form of yoga. Not suitable for beginners!”) and Hatha Yoga (“incorporates all of the above forms of Yoga and is therefore not specific”).

    So basically… WHICH ONE?

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