*Kris jumps on yet another meme bandwagon*
So everybody’s lookin’ up their Oz Prison Bitch Name, right? Go on, try it out. Mine’s the worst. I don’t even wanna reprint it here, for fear my mom’ll see it and freak. Okay, okay… I’ll censor it a bit: “Keller’s F**k Boy”. I ask you, what the heck does that mean? Who is Keller, and why does he refer to me (obviously a girl) as a boy?


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  1. Kris, it’s a name generator for Oz, a prison chock full of boys (hence the assumption of maleness). As for Keller, he’s the character portrayed by the yummy actor Chris Meloni (currently at #4 on my list ‘o huevos here. He’s also on an NBC show called Special Victims Unit, but I’ve never seen it. (Unfortunately, his character was written off Oz last season.)

  2. Ah. Thanks for the info. I have heard of the show, but haven’t managed to catch the reruns on BBC yet. Mmm, he does look like a nice man though. I suppose if I’m going to be anyone’s prison bitch, it might as well be him. 🙂

  3. Just a note if you catch any of the show on reruns: it’s terribly violent … and not in an action-movie kind of way where you can feel the suspense building up, etc. This show is more along the lines of: one minute you’re working in the prison kitchen and five minutes later you’ve been raped and killed. (OK, so that’s an extreme case.) My boyfriend won’t watch it because it’s a bit much for him, so be forewarned.

  4. I see. I probably wouldn’t like it either. I’m not such a big fan of random violence that occurs so quickly I don’t have a chance to cover my eyes and peek through my fingers. (Fact: I had seen Pulp Fiction about 20 times before I could actually watch the needle-in-the-heart scene.) I also tend to become attached to characters so I wouldn’t like having people get killed off so easily. I’m such a girl.

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