Measurable Progress

Measurable Progress
Over the past six weeks, I’ve ridden my bike to my new office in the Rocks several times. I realised today that I’ve been getting faster with every single ride! Check out this data:

30/01 – 27:15
03/02 – 22:57
03/02 – 22:57
06/02 – 21:36
05/03 – 20:41
06/03 – 19:24
07/03 – 18:00

I’ve ridden a lot more than that, but those are all basically the same route to work in the morning.

Pretty cool, huh! Today was the fastest ever. I’m sure that some portion of it is just me being more comfortable riding in traffic, but there’s obviously some strength increases happening too. The best part is that I haven’t really been trying – I’m just having fun on my bike!


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  1. Great! If I start back out at Macquarie Park and try riding to work, I expect it’ll take me about 2 hrs to get there. Be nice if my times improve that much over the first few weeks:)

  2. I know crazy people who commute that long on a bike! My bum couldn’t take it. 🙂

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