I’m Xander?? No way. Only by default, since I hate violence, I don’t wear leather pants, and I’m not a lesbian. (Link courtesy of brigita.)


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  1. I’m not a lesbian, but I do wear leather pants. I’m your Willow baby 😉

  2. Damn. At least you get to make out with Oz and Tara. I’m stuck with Cordy and Anya. (Although don’t Willow and Xander get it on during one season 3 ep?) 🙂

  3. erm It said I was Xander.

    BTW what’s menorah?

    and why was Buffy kissing Spike??

  4. Menorah is the candle thing Jews light at Hanukkah. (That’s the clumsiest definition ever, but it’ll do.) I think that’s a Willow question, since her character’s Jewish.

    Buffy kissing Spike? You don’t want me to ruin Season 5 for you, do you? 🙂

  5. Oh I answered Menorah ‘cos I din’t know what it was and thats as good a reason as any.

    Yes go on tell me….please.

  6. No! As a fellow Buffy fan, I have to protect you from yourself. The new season’s started, so just watch on the BBC. 🙂

  7. sorry i’m late to the “i don’t wanna be xander” club meeting, but you have to admit that the ilicit semi-affair between him and willow in ep 3 was de-lish.

  8. I haven’t actually *seen* the episodes yet (only a few more weeks til the DVD!), but based on what I know happens, I think it sounds a bit jerky of him. I mean, how typically guy is that, to suddenly recognize how they feel about a girl as soon as she starts seeing somebody else? Willow pined for him for years while he drooled over Buffy’s leather-clad ass. I hope Oz decks him. 🙂

    Ahhhh, Oz. Now there’s my hero.

    Oh, and my cousin Jenny claims Spike is in “Zoolander.” He’s still starring in my dreams, at any rate! 🙂

  9. don’t me wrong, i totally agree that his motivation is totally suspect, but there was all kinds of sexual angst building up between the two that was simply fabulous.

    slightly off-topic, but it’s only lately that i’ve been realizing i’ll never experience that kinda first-kiss “will he or won’t he” build up ever again. part of me is mourning that fact, but the other 99% of me is so fired up to be married (T-minus 32 days)!

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