Okay, kids, you may have kicked my ass on the Miss America quiz, but how will you do on this one? It’s a lot harder. I got 14 out of 17, which I’m pretty proud of. On the 3 that I missed, I had the year right but got the wrong days. Go try and see how you do.


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  1. Okay, so I was off a month or so on the assassination of Martin Luther King, and for some insane reason I switched around the two World War II ones (I think in my head I read the “end of WWII” on as the “end of the War in Europe” to go along with the A-bomb one. Eh, I didn’t do too bad though.

  2. I got 16 :p

    Got Sputnik a month and a half out.

  3. You’re not even bloody American! ARRRGGGHHH.

  4. And for that I give thanks.

    (No offence…)

  5. I got 17/17, I rock! For MLK – don’t forget… “Sunday morning, April 4… shot rings out in the Memphis sky…” as in U2’s (greatest band of our generation) “Pride…” Maybe if you listened to more of them instead of REM you’d have scored better! 😉

  6. Ah, so a band’s greatness is directly correlated to the historical content of their songs. Who was it that did all the Schoolhouse Rock tunes? By your logic, they’re the greatest band of ALL TIME. 🙂

  7. And for that I give thanks.

    (No offence…)

  8. OOH! That’s what happens when you press Refresh…

  9. Yeah, that’s a bug Martin found yesterday. I’ll get around to fixing it eventually. 🙂

  10. Thsat was not the best designed form in the world. In fact it is pants.

    I actually missed answering 2 questions because of it.

    So I got 13 but that’s out of 15 really 😛

    Can’t believe I got Sputnik wrong.

  11. Yeah… Needs a serious usability makeover. Or else I need a 19″ monitor. 🙂

  12. A widescreen monitor more like!

  13. I got Sputnik wrong too (right year), but otherwise 16 right. By the way, one of the songwriters for Schoolhouse Rock was Lynn Ahrens, who went on to be a Broadway lyricist in the 1990s. She wrote RAGTIME and the recent SUESSICAL. She also wrote the lyrics for the movie ANASTASIA, which was actually pretty darn good. (But the main Schoolhouse Rock guy was Bob Dorough, who hasn’t done a whole lot lately that I’m aware of.)

  14. Ooh! I’m a fan of Anastasia! The animation wasn’t the greatest ever, but I like the soundtrack a lot.

  15. Then visit here:

    Haven’t updated it in a little while (I’m missing the cast album of SUESSICAL, and I oughta add the DVDS of ANASTASIA and ANASTASIA 2: BARTOK THE MAGNIFICENT), but I’ve got a list of all the Schoolhouse Rock songs that Lynn wrote in the 70s….

  16. Boo-ya, as the kids say these days: 17/17! And I don’t even teach that history mess.

  17. That’s fantastic! Thanks, Bill. I honestly don’t think I’ve heard any of their stuff beyond Anastasia and the Schoolhouse Rock stuff, so maybe I’ll have to get myself acquainted with their back catalog. (I’ve been outside the theater scene for so long… I’ve let my cast album collection slide. I might be having a Renaissance though. Yesterday I caught myself singing “Foxy Roxy Hart” to myself in the shower.)

    And way to go Max! I’m going to stop posting my quiz results since everybody kicks my ass.

  18. OK, if you get a Flaherty/Ahrens album, start with the Broadway cast of ONCE ON THIS ISLAND. It’s really beautiful; a nonfantastical retelling of the Little Mermaid story in the Caribbean, complete with darkskin/lightskin racial overtones. It’s totally gorgeous, and has an uplifting/sad ending.

    Sad moment: the Tony-nominated lead of ONCE was LaChanze, who lost her husband in the World Trade Center. She’s currently pregnant with their second child. I believe there’s a charity/foundation being formed for them as we speak.

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