Wow! Apparently there’s dissension among the ranks of the UK bloggers. Some people aren’t happy about it. Wow, I feel so out of the loop. On one hand I’m trapped in this UK/US blogging netherworld without a clique of my own to feel protective about. On the other hand, this bitchiness is sure fun to watch from a distance!


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  1. Hey! You’re in my clique! We’re a clique! (Everybody else sucks.) *smirk*

  2. UK bloggers list? Eh?

  3. Yeah, it’s a site that tracks when UK blogs get updated. They have meet-ups and stuff too. I kinda agree, though, with the guy that we shouldn’t feel *compelled* to form some sort of a community just because we all publish shit online. The problem with blogging is just that it’s such an egotistical activity. Everybody wants to be popular but we turn on the popular kids as soon as they get established. It’s vicious. I’m kinda happy to just stay out of it.

  4. Load of old cobblers…
    …I’m stying well out of any childishness. The only people moaning (I researched the issue) number about 2. The rest is all mountains and molehills. Even then, the 2 I’ve seen actually moaning appear to be moaning about the fact that they’re moaning…

    Kids, eh? Tsk.

  5. Ha! Yours is by far the most sensible opinion I have read on this fiasco. I, too, am watching from afar. It’s all rather surreal!

  6. Hi Kristen! I’m glad I’m not alone. The whole thing is just so seventh grade. 🙂

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