Paris cyclists given right to break traffic laws

“Paris cyclists given right to break traffic laws”. Hey, that’s brilliant. Just this morning I stopped at a red light on Ultimo Road waiting to turn left onto Darling Drive. And there was no traffic coming from the other direction and no pedestrians around. I could’ve gone for it. But instead I waited for the green, thinking that I’d rather be the kind of cyclist that car drivers see and go, “Huh. There’s one following the rules!”

But it did cost me like a minute of sitting there.


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  1. I wish all cyclists were like you, but they’re not. I think unfortunately there would be a few who would ruin it for everyone. I’m not anti-cyclist, just anti-getting-mowed-down-by-lycra-clad-speed-demons-while-I’m-crossing-at-the-lights (which has personally happened to me). But hipsters on fixies are cool with me 🙂

  2. Hipsters on fixies? THE HORRORS! Get a real bike! 🙂

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