Reading Speed Test

Reading Speed Test. Oh, interesting! Have a go; it only takes a minute.As soon as I saw the questions, I cursed. I read very fast, but I suck at retaining the little details. (The Internet has turned me into a skimmer.) I scored 612 wpm, which is 145% faster than the national average. However, I only got 2/3 of the questions right. As I expected, the Snook scored slower than me but he got them all correct.


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  1. 500 WPM here, but I got all three questions correct…

  2. Yeah, I only got 496 wpm, but all the questions right

  3. Do you think you could still answer the questions a day later? Also, what colour was the sky?

  4. Oh dear god. I have only the vaguest idea of what the passage was about now.

    Do you read to retain? I can if I try, but it requires effort. If I tried to retain everything I read, my head would asplode.

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