I made a beautiful, tasty thing tonight.  #ratatouille
I made a beautiful, tasty thing tonight. #ratatouille

This is Smitten Kitchen’s ratatouille, and it’s a beautiful thing! Usually we just chunk everything up and throw in a pot, so spending the time to meticulously slice all the veg was an effort. I used a rather large eggplant (cut in two so the slices were half-moons), a big zucchini, and a big red capsicum. This version is also baked rather than cooked on the stove. The Snook was skeptical of all the work, but he was converted when I served it up. Oh! And I put some creamy goat’s cheese on top, as the recipe suggests. PERFECTION. That just takes it right over the top…

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  1. While I am very dismissive of the current Masterchef-led fad for ‘plating-up’, I love having generously beautiful central plates of food for people to serve themselves from. This is just great!

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