Why cyclists should never pay rego

Why cyclists should never pay rego – Frankly, I’d be happy to pay rego if it would shut up the anti-cyclists! But I also agree with every single point in this opinion piece.


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  1. In Switzerland, we paid a “vignette” it’s a sticker you put on the bike and it is mandatory. It s just cost 7 or 8 Au$. But it’s provide you an insurance, if you damage anything and most of the money collected is used for the promotion of the bike. Registration has its advantage too. When the police found your bike, they can found you too to give it back… Always two sides on a coin.

  2. That would be fine, ptinutz. Most of the people here who want rego actually want cyclists to have big license plates on their bikes, so that they can report you for running red lights. (As if that stops car drivers from doing illegal things!)

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