Women Who Rock – #49 The Breeders
The Breeders’ Last Splash is #49 on RS’s list of Greatest Albums from “Women Who Rock.” I discovered the Breeders when I happened to catch the video for “Cannonball” late one night on MTV (maybe “120 Minutes”?) in high school, and I was hooked. I bought the tape and I still know all the words 19 years later. I remember being amused at “Drivin’ On 9”, because I actually had to drive to high school along State Road 9. I also bought a Breeders T-shirt that I have carried with me across several continents, and that I only just reluctantly stopped wearing (because it’s full of holes – don’t worry; I’m making it into a quilt). The Breeders are also the only artists on the list who I’ve actually MET. The day Kim and Kelley Deal wandered into my knitting shop in Sydney was seriously one of the coolest days in my whole time there. Rock on, Deal sisters.