Me and the Deal Sisters

Who’s that? Oh, it’s me and friggin’ Kim and Kelly Deal, that’s who!

Me and Kim and Kelly

So I was in the knitting shop, and this American-sounding chick came in looking for wool. So I helped her pick out some stuff, and she was soon joined by another chick… who looked just like her. “Are you guys–?” I asked. “Yep, twins,” they said. They were here for more than an hour – in fact, they’re still here – and I chatted to them off-and-on, completely oblivious. “Where are you guys from? Oh, Ohio? Yeah, I’m a Hoosier. I hope you’re not Ohio State fans.” “Go Buckeyes!” they said. After a while, I headed in to the office to call our warehouse guy. As I was on the phone with him, Lissa came in with a wild look in her eyes. She grabbed a pen and proceeded to write “KIM DEAL” in front of me. “NO F**KING WAY.” I can’t believe I missed it. I went back out and proceeded to be the lamest fangirl ever, and they kindly submitted to this ultra-crappy mobile phone picture for me. (Why I didn’t take the megapixel shop camera on my desk, I have no idea.) They’re making OSU signs, in case you’re wondering. So yeah, today I got to meet my 16-year-old alternateen heroes. What a day, huh?

For the clueless, the Deal sisters were in two of the seminal alternative rock bands of the late 80’s and early 90’s: the Pixies and the Breeders. The Pixies have reformed and are currently touring, and apparently they’re doing a show in Sydney tomorrow night. I was more of a Breeders fan, ever since I caught the video for “Cannonball” on an episode of 120 Minutes. “Last Splash” was on constant rotation in my car from the day I got it. I have a prized-but-ratty Breeders T-shirt at home that I bought at Tower Records when I was 16 and have worn ever since. How cool is that?


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  1. Later: They just left. They’re so nice! Apparently they even hooked Lissa up with tickets to the show. She was like, “Just ask them!” but I chickened out. I need to pack for the trip anyway. They did love our shop though, and they took down my name so they could e-mail me if they need stuff in the future. My inner 16-year-old is BEAMING.

    apparently people used to throw balls of yarn onto the stage!!!!!!

  3. That’s SO AMAZING Kris!!!!
    I am weeping a little! Was Kim really amazing? Like, really?

  4. That’s awesome! I saw the Pixies on their last tour and Kim somehow managed to look badass and cute at the same time, smoking a cig while she played bass with a big ol’ smile on her face.

  5. holy crap! that rules. is this why you called last night? they look TOTALLY normal. i would’ve missed it, too.

    now all you have to do is meet juliana hatfield and matthew sweet, and all will be right in the world.

  6. p.s. i love that you’re throwin’ up the horns with your TINY FINGERS.

  7. pixies were amazing….big thanks to kris for outing me as a fan ~ i’d never have said anything on my own, and then they’d not have offered me the tickets at all.

  8. aaarrrrghhhhh! OMFG!!! You see this never happen nor ever will in my lame-o job. That’s it, I quit!!

    I never smiled so much as I did last night at the v festival dring the pixies. Kim is so cool. She just looked so pleased to be there. so, tell me what did Kelley buy? Is she still making the hats? I want to make a beanie in homage to the talented twins.

    Right, I’m going to play Gigantic loudly while i catch up on work. LOUD!

  9. dude, they’re HOT and gay! 😉

  10. Holy crap! I don’t keep up with my RSS feeds for a week or two and this happens!

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