New Subaru BRZ

New Subaru BRZ
The big day has finally arrived, and I can now spill the beans. For the past several months at Sitback I’ve been working on a top secret new project: the launch of the Subaru BRZ sportscar, which is – we think – the first new car the world to be sold exclusively online. It’s been amazing to work on such a high-profile, top-secret project. I am not a Car Person, and I knew very little about the automotive industry when I started. I’ve had the opportunity to learn a LOT about how cars are sold and financed in Australia. I wrote hundreds of pages of documentation and got to attend meetings with high-level stakeholders (including a day trip to Melbourne just for a meeting!). A couple of weeks ago we demoed the site to the Subaru top brass, and as a special treat they brought the car for us to check out. I even got to drive it. It was pretty sweet! And then today was the big launch. These things never go smoothly, and it was tense through the afternoon. I had no idea what kind of reception the site was going to have. I hoped that maybe we’d get a couple people to place orders? Instead we sold out! What a crazy, crazy rush. I got to see this project alive and doing what it’s supposed to. Subaru got heaps of publicity for their new launch. And less than 200 lucky people actually got to order the car. Looks like everybody’s kicked a goal… 🙂

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  1. You should have bought one.

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