Deep-Fried Pickle Dawg??

Deep-Fried Everything at the Iowa State Fair – Okay, officially I’m totally grossed out by just about everything shown there. But just between you and me, I’d eat a “deep-fried pickle dawg” RIGHT NOW if one materialised in front of me.

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  1. haven eaten deep fried cheese on a stick, i cant really say too much, but the deep fried butter idea did give me a heart attack. i was particularly impressed by the pork chop on a stick. that seems quite paleo, non?

  2. I wasn’t sure if it was actually ON a stick, or if it’s a funny name for the actual pork chop BONE. But yeah, that’d totally be paleo. At the Taste of Chicago Festival, they do giant barbecued turkey legs. Those are paleo good too. 🙂

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