I miss my bike.

“Bike haters parked in the Jurassic” – Sing it! Car drivers who are anti-cyclist are idiots. Every person cycling is one less car clogging up the road, one less parking space taken up at your destination, one less consumer to drive up the cost of petrol. It’s willful stupidity.


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  1. As usual, Farrelly overstates her case. I drive or use public transport, and I don’t hate cyclists. I approve of bike lanes. I’m happy to support cyclists who are polite and considerate, just like I support anyone who is polite and considerate. But not everyone is able to cycle. Fundamentalism on either side isn’t helpful. Tolerance is what’s needed, by everyone.

  2. Do you think she’s saying everyone should cycle? I didn’t get that at all.

  3. I think she’s saying that people who don’t cycle hate people who do.

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