GIMP 2.8

Since I’ve been using the new Mac-native GIMP 2.8, the only major annoyance has been the fact that Save and Export are now separate functions. Save can only save GIMP .xcf files, and for anything else you have to export (and click through extra dialogs). HOWEVER – today I found out how to fix this! Check out this article and follow the instructions for reassigning the CMD-S keyboard shortcut. Voila! My workflow is restored. (The stuff about the new single-window mode is great too. I set that up as soon as I figured it out. Love it.)


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  1. That’s due to gimp 2.8, not the mac version… it was the same when I was using it with x11

  2. Yeah, it’s that way on Windows and Linux as well. Not a fan, but I understand that they want to promote their format as a standard, and once you remap the hotkeys it’s really not even an annoyance anymore.

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