I throw like a girl.

“Throw Like a Girl? You Can Do Better.” – That’s fascinating. I expected the research involving Australian Aboriginal children to show that it’s completely an issue of practice and strength, but it seems there’s more to it than that. I totally throw like a girl, and it’s something I’ve always wished I could do better. I wonder if somebody could teach me properly?


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  1. We learnt how to teach kids to throw as part of primary school teacher training.
    One thing that was pointed out is that the action most girls use to throw is very similar to the action that (right handed) boys use if asked to throw left handed.

  2. I take great pride in my dad teaching me how to not throw baseballs like a girl. I think I do pretty decently. Think of your forearm like a catapult and pull your elbow back as far as you can.

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