Checking In
I’m still here. It’s been a weird week. The first week of the Snook’s trip was difficult, then I hit my stride in the second. Then this week is back to being difficult. I’m having some terrible insomnia, and I’m really looking forward to him getting home on Sunday.

Last weekend was full of social engagements. Friday night I went to my first Sydney Kings game at the Entertainment Centre. You know what? It was awesome! Everybody likes to crap on the NBL for being junior league compared to the NBA, but I still thought it was great. My boss scored us fantastic seats in a courtside corporate box, which just happened to be right next to the one Lara Bingle was in. Celeb spotting! We were also right behind Timomatic. My colleague Tim goes to a lot of the games so was able to fill me in some of the subtle differences between the NBA. (I had not realised, for instance, that in Australian basketball the key is SQUARE rather than rectangular!) Sydney ended up winning in a nailbiter, and I cheered myself hoarse. I definitely think I’ll go back to another game sometime.

Saturday was a Knitters Guild meeting, and then lunch with some of my friends. Dr K. came over to spend the night again, and we went out to dinner that night at Hart’s Yard. ZOMG, HIPSTER GLUTTON PARADISE. We had duck rillettes, poutine, fried chicken with biscuits and gravy, and the peanut butter banana split for dessert. I also had the Hart’s Yard Manhattan as an aperitif: bacon-infused Jack Daniel’s, sweet vermouth, bitters, and maple syrup. It also had a candied piece of bacon as a garnish. (Hey, when in Rome, drink like the hipsters do. Or something.) It was surprisingly good! But yeah, we stuffed ourselves. Such a great feast.

Sunday I woke up and listened to the second half of the Notre Dame game. Talk about THRILLING. I had to call my Dad three times during that overtime! I was dancing a jig in the living room. GO IRISH! A few hours later, I had several girls over for a sewing party. The whole house was taken over and we made a great big mess and ate treats and drank box wine and it was a lot of fun. And I made myself another new dress! (I’ll show it off as soon as I can figure out what bra is suitable to wear with it…)

Monday I actually had as a “day off in lieu”, and all I wanted to do was sit quietly and relax. I got a massage, I cleaned the kitchen, I worked on my knitting. It was nice to be alone after 48 hours of constant socialising.

And now, here I am, drinking wine in the hopes it’ll help me sleep. Trying not to think about all the stuff I need to get done at work tomorrow. Looking forward to a visit from Eileen on Friday. And of course, counting the minutes til my Snookums gets home…