A few days ago, crumpet tweeted a link to Late Night Stitch Club. The site is one person’s personal project to sew every day in November. I replied to crumpet (and Dr K and JP) that I’d been toying with a similar idea… and maybe we could call it “Sewvember”? The idea was a big hit.

So what’s Sewvember? For me, I’m going to commit to sewing four pieces of clothing in November. That’s one a week! And I’m going to wear my own homemade creations whenever I can. Let’s bust some fabric stash and refresh our wardrobes, everyone! Feel free to join us and use the #sewvember hash tag for discussions.

Happy sewing!


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  1. Only goal for November is to sew Meringue can I join?

  2. im so there. ive already started. hehe. i think i can definitely do one a week, i suspect more, but im also experimenting with fit and design, so who knows. im loving wearing skirts i made myself though! bring it on!

  3. I will finish sewing my red dress this weekend and make at least one other dress completely and a top and a few project bags before 30/11/12 rolls around. And no, I’m not kidding myself!

  4. Synchronicity. I had some days off work this week and pulled out the sewing machine to finish off some curtains I’ve left idling for literally over a year (they are now about 40% done). I also have like 2-3 sewing projects collecting dust. I’m in! Gonna head to Sew Make Create this weekend to drop off my sewing machine for repairs (busted bobbin winder) and use one of the machines there for further progress. Anyone want to join in?

  5. Of course you’re in, Ptinutz! Looking forward to seeing your Meringue. I may be making one of those this month too! 🙂

  6. I’m late to the party but keen to sew along too! I have plans already for a dress, a skirt, a top and a bag. Can’t wait to see what everyone creates!

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