International incident a-brewing… Remember that post where I called out ‘Colin Zaremba’ for being a racist asshole and announced my resolution to become Canadian? Apparently Google indexed Colin’s quote and now I turn up as the number one result for various “arabs and u.k.” searches. I know this because an Arab gentleman took the time to e-mail me and let me know that my disgusting sentiments sickened him… apparently to the point where he didn’t read the rest of the post. Anyhoo, I had to reply and explain that I never made the statement attributed to me. So take heed, fellow bloggers. Google likes to take things out of context, and a lot of people are extra-sensitive these days.


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  1. aw crikey, that sucks, wg. how did the guy miss the “From Salon” lead-in and your response? has he written back to apologize for jumping the gun?

  2. Ahmed and I are all patched up now. I explained the misunderstanding, and he wrote back with much apologies. We’re buds now. 🙂

    If you wanna see how it happened, check out the search he did. Google doesn’t exactly make it very clear, and since it was an index of my home page (and the post has since moved), he couldn’t find the original post to check it out. Sucks.

  3. yikes! i see what you mean.

  4. ouch! That’s why I always use the cached version, so I can find what I’m looking for *in context*

  5. i mean yeah being racist is wrong but do you really have to ramble on about one guy for being a racist ass-whole i mean hes not the only one and he did fight for our country i happen to know the person.

  6. Wow, I wondered how long it would take a Colin Zaremba apologist to find this site. Nearly three years!

    I’m not especially surprised or impressed that he joined the military. There were probably thousands of ignorant racist fuckwits like him that signed up post-9/11 in a fervor of “patriotism”. I hope he got to kill lots of Iraqis and he feels so much better about September 11th, because everybody knows Saddam Hussein orchestrated that whole thing. Oh wait, he didn’t.

    (No offense to the rest of our military. I know most of them are just regular folks doing a dangerous job that they believe in. I respect that.)

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