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No longer in the trenches
Well, that didn’t take long, did it? Exactly two weeks after being made redundant, I have accepted an offer for the role of Technical Business Analyst at Commonwealth Bank. Thank you to everyone who offered job leads and referrals to me. I had several interviews and actually more than one job offer, so it was all very much appreciated and useful. I think CBA is going to be great. It’s my first big corporate job, and I’m sure there’s going to be some culture shock. (Their new offices in Darling Harbour look amazing though – seriously, up there with Google!) I know other BA’s that work there, and the training and support they offer seems incredible. This is going to be great for my career, I think. (And a nice fat raise doesn’t hurt either!)

Anyway, I start in two weeks so that’s another fortnight of being a Lady of Leisure. I think I can manage that!

And that dream job possibility I mentioned before? It’s still there on the backburner. Could be a few months. A girl’s gotta have a dream…


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  1. I was wondering whether you’d need to corporatise your workwear a bit? I’ve been out of the workforce too long! No idea what is suitable any more!

  2. Yes, that’s part of the culture shock I’m anticipating. I’ve asked a few people there though – the interviewers, Alison, and the girls in my study group – and the consensus seems to be that it’s less formal than you’d think. I don’t think I’ll need a suit. (The girl in my study group proudly showed off the glittered heels she’d worn to work that day.) I definitely think I need a few more “serious” pieces though. I’m thinking of focusing on a pair of shoes, a couple skirts, and a couple blouses. That’ll get me through the first couple weeks and I can assess better after that.

  3. Yay! Congratulations :o) I know some CBAers through twitter, by all accounts it’s a good place to work :o)

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