Spike quit smoking. Well, James Marsters did anyway. I kinda hope they don’t make the character quit, though. It’s bad enough that they made him all nice now; at least let us watch him smoke and imagine that he’s still a badass. And hello? He sings? B, we are so there. (Link courtesy of Fresh Hell.)


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  1. reason #379 why i shouldn’t have moved from Cali!

  2. I know! Hey, Lizzie lives in Santa Monica. ROAD TRIP!

  3. “Spike” is a bad ass with or without the cigarette. Not smoking will only increase his stamina. His girlfriend who does not like him so pale is still a Lucky girl.

  4. Yeah, but it just goes with the image though, doesn’t it? Long black leather coat, motorcycle, cave dwelling… He needs to smoke! If he can’t kill anybody, how else will we know he’s “evil”? 🙂

  5. i also love(d) the fact that vampires could afford (for lack of a better term) to smoke since they were already dead.

    god i am such a sucker for british guys with bleach-blonde hair and grrrrreat cheekbones.

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