Belated Blog Birthday

Happy Belated THIRTEENTH Blog Birthday to me!
I’ve been feeling terribly guilty over the fact that I blew right past this year’s blog anniversary. I just looked back at last year though, and I totally didn’t post anything then either! We’d just gotten back from our trip to the States, and I guess it just slipped my mind. I don’t really have a good excuse this year though, other than the general decline in my blogging overall. I mean, I looked at the blog a few days ago and there was ONE POST visible. I think that’s an all-time low. Sorry about that.

So what have I been doing? 2013 wasn’t a great year. The first months of the year were really stressful and weird at work, which culminated in me being laid off in early March. It was actually a massive relief. I took a few weeks off and went on interviews, and I ended up taking a corporate “Technical Business Analyst” role at a giant bank. I got all new clothes and I tried my best, but it just wasn’t for me. I liked the giant raise but I wasn’t enjoying the work, and trekking out to Olympic Park every day sucked. It didn’t help that I had some significant time alone (Rodd had a work trip to the UK), and that I switched from Depo Provera to Pills that made me crazy. I was pretty miserable after a couple months. Then, miracle of miracles, my friend Jody asked if I was interested in a potential Iteration Manager role at Mi9. I had some interviews, and not long after was able to give notice at the bank and start over (again). The last six months of the year were a whirlwind as I got used to a whole new role on a new product with a new team. That’s the main reason why the blogging has suffered: I use up so much mental energy during my job that I don’t have much left over afterwards! I love it though, and Jody’s prediction was right: I’m actually pretty good at this. My team makes Jump-in, and we’re kicking ass. I like my team and I like where we work. I’ve very happy and after seven months, I’m staying put. I’m taking on more responsibilities, and I can see a whole new career path opening up. Going to Mi9 was the best thing that could’ve happened.

Healthwise things were pretty sucky. My right knee was still dodgy all year, hurting when I climbed stairs or rode my bike. I had an MRI in January that led to a new diagnosis: maltracking of the knee cap. I had lots of physio sessions before giving up. It was depressing, both figuratively and (I’m fairly certain) literally. I think I missed running more than I’d like to admit, and I put on weight throughout the year. Towards the end of the year, my left knee – which had previously been fine – suddenly got very painful as well. I guess the fact that I’d been favouring my right knee for 18 months and putting extra stress on the left finally caught up. So now I’m back at a new physio, I’ve had X-rays on both knees, and I’m seeing a specialist next week. I’ve also got a membership at the local pool and I’ve just had my first swimming lesson. I’m really, really hoping the knee situation improves soon. This chronic pain thing sucks, and I’m really ready to be done with it.

The big success of 2013 for our house was the garden renovation. It’s still not 100% done, but it’s so much better than it used to be. Most of the plants are thriving, and we’ve actually entertained our first guests out there recently. I keep telling myself to post pictures, and maybe I will one of these days. Gimme a few more weeks; we still have to put up some lattice for the bougainvillea. 🙂

In terms of craft, my knitting output was pathetic. I finished exactly three items, which were the three I entered in the Easter Show. (Granted, two of them got ribbons!) I did a lot better with sewing. I made two shirts for the Snook; a shirt and three dresses for me; two quilt blocks; and a set of Avengers sock monkeys. That’s pretty good. A lot of my crafting energy was taken up by organising (and stressing about) the Knitters Guild Camp, but I’ve already posted about that. It was a huge undertaking and there’s a lot I wish we’d done differently, but in the end it all went brilliantly and everybody had a good time. Given that I’ve never organised a wedding, that’s probably the closest I will ever come. And I’ll never do it again – Rodd is under strict orders to prevent me volunteering by any means necessary!

So yeah, a year of ups and downs. The thought that keeps running through my mind is how great some of my friends are and how lucky I am to have them. Seriously, you guys. When I got laid off, Mandy referred me to the bank and Alison helped me through the interviews (even though she was on maternity leave). Callina was my bank buddy and did her best to help when I was struggling. Kylie let me rant and rave to her on Twitter when I was miserable and lonely. Jody got me the best job I’ve ever had and has supported me there ever since. Sally backed up every decision I made for Camp, and was so appreciative of my efforts that I felt almost embarrassed. Mary-Helen and Sandra were incredibly supportive too, and every time I meet up with them I leave feeling better about everything. (There aren’t many people like that! Oh, and they recently gave me a really cool sewing cabinet too, so they get Eternal Love.) Donna has also been incredibly generous sharing her sewing patterns and knowledge with me. I’m closer with my cousins Jenny and Kim than I ever was growing up, and MY GOD they make me laugh. So yeah. This year had some disappointments (both personal and professional), but it’s also had some bright spots. Thanks to you guys who helped end the year a lot better than it began!

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  1. heh, well i havent checked my blog reader lately obviously. 2013 followed a similar pattern for me, so its great to see the misery give way to new pathways and opportunities for both of us. its great to see you find your niche and begin to flourish, i hope 2014 brings a lot more of it.

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