A big step up…

A big step up…
So some amazing stuff has happened in the past week. I mentioned last month that my job was going well and that I was taking on additional responsibilities. At the start of February I was struggling with the increased workload, so someone else was brought on to help with my team’s day-to-day stuff. It all came to a head last week when rumours of a massive restructure started swirling. I thought maybe I’d been groomed to move up a step on the ladder. Wednesday morning I found myself in a meeting room with the CIO, where she drew out the new org chart and then offered me a spot … several levels higher than what I’d been imagining. I was pretty floored. I needed to give them an answer ASAP, so the Snook met me in the city for an emergency pow-wow at lunch. Yes, the position came with a nice raise, but it was also a big step in terms of responsibility (and probably workload). It’s also my first ever opportunity to move into people management, something that I hadn’t been interested in before but I’d been learning a lot about from working with Jody. I just couldn’t turn it down. So I accepted that afternoon. My new title is TV Development Director, and I’m responsible for the entire TV side of web development at Mi9. IS THAT CRAZY OR WHAT?

The week since the offer has been a rollercoaster. Unfortunately the restructure wasn’t as positive for some other people, which has meant a little bit of guilt over my good fortune. I haven’t had much time to meet with and support my circle of work friends, mostly because I’m trying to finish handing off my IM role as quickly as possible while getting up to speed on the new one. Sunday night a routine deployment for my team turned into a four hour incident that I had to manage via Hipchat from home. I’m having daily one-on-ones with the CIO and trying to figure out what the boundaries of my job actually are. There are a lot of holes on my team structure, so I also need to get involved with recruiting ASAP. I’ve had to draft emails to be sent to the entire technology team. Last night I left work at 6pm, which was my earliest night in some time! I’m really hoping things settle down quickly.

But there are still high points. The CIO said that the reason she felt comfortable offering me the position after only eight months was that several people high up in the organisation had pushed for me to do it. A LOT of coworkers and friends gave me wonderful congratulations and feedback last week, both at work and on social media. And on the weekend the Snook took me over to Broadway to buy a new MacBook Pro, which I’d been coveting for some time but hesitated buying.

So far 2014 is definitely looking up!


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  1. im so pleased for you and not at all surprised. i think you’ll be great. one thing ive discovered with extra responsibility and workload is that it doesnt settle down, and if i stop expecting it to i am less stressed. instead i just figure out better ways of managing what i can and cant do, say no and delegate! good luck, i hope you love it.

  2. Very, very happy for you Kris! You’re going to be a natural at people management, I can feel it. I wish you all the best in the new role. Massive points to the Snook for hooking you up with a MacBook Pro too 😉

  3. You are obviously pretty fantastic at what you do to get such a great promotion. Congrats!!!

  4. Can’t say how proud I am of you. But I was proud of you when you worked at the Knitting store. Just so you’re happy that is all that matters.
    Love ya bunches

  5. Congratulations – what an achievement! You really seem to have found your niche. And how lucky you are to have Jody as a mentor – she has such great skills.

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