Well, Amelie has finally made it to America, and right off the bat some idiot doesn’t get it. “Why does she lead him on a wild goose chase when she’s clearly crazy about him?” asks the Salon reviewer. That right there, to me, says everything about how profoundly this man misunderstood the film. I don’t know; maybe you boys just don’t get it. Haven’t you ever had a crush on someone so powerful that you couldn’t look them in the eyes? That you couldn’t speak when they were near? Amelie leads Nino on a “wild goose chase” because that’s the only thing she can do. She delights in strategems because they allow her to forget her loneliness. Amelie and Nino are both dreamers, and their games are the only way they can communicate with each other. If you are so cynical and worldly that you’ve forgotten these feelings, don’t bother going to the film. You’ll just ruin it for all the dreamers around you.


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  1. Um. I never actually thoguht that deeply about it. I just went along for the ride and enjoyed it. Maybe I was dreaming…..

  2. Well, it’s not like I thought all that WHILE I was watching it. I was just enjoying it and laughing and smiling. But if he’s gonna get picky and analyze, I’m gonna get picky and analyze.

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